Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Best Freewares for your PC(3): Free Games

There are a lot of PC games around, and usually it comes with a price. But, there are a lot of free games around, the only downside is that, most of them doesn't possess good graphics, story, etc. We can't expect much on this, especially if its offered without cost. To cut the long story short, here is my list of free PC games that is surely worth playing:

  • BVE Trainsim - if you like playing simulators or you want to try to drive a train, then this game is for you. BVE Trainsim is a 3D train simulation created by Takashi "Mackoy" Kojima. Obviously its in Japanese but you won't have a problem understanding the game. I've played this game before and honestly, I'm not good on following instructions, so I end up skipping the next station, but definitely it is an enjoyable game. It has good graphics, sound effects, simple gameplay, yet its offered for FREE! Try this one out by clicking this link.
  • Icy Tower - you may have played this game by Free Lunch Design on Facebook and definitely it's an addictive game. But you don't have to log in on your Facebook account just to be able to play Harold the Homeboy and climb the tower. Download it for your PC at this link.  
Icy Tower
  • WolfQuest - if you want to know how wolves live and survive in the wild, then WolfQuest is worth a try. This simple 3D wildlife simulation game is free for download at this link.
For a complete list of free games, click this Wikipedia link.