Saturday, July 7, 2012

Limbo: A Freakingly Good Game

There are thousands and thousands of good games around. I have many titles installed in my PC but I end up   bored of playing them. Then yesterday I was searching for simple games that's worth playing, and Limbo came to my sight on a Youtube video.

For that person who keeps on putting stupid comments: Limbo is NOT a new game (it's 2010) but I first saw it the other day and this blog is not limited to recently released games.

So I played this award-winning game yesterday and guess what, I became very hooked with the game. (still not finish though) It's eerie, freaky, weird, and all things like that, but it's very addictive, promise! (the game is in black and white and lots of dead bodies around). It is a puzzle-platform video game developed by Playdead. You will die many times in the game for sure but I don't want to spoil you so get the game and download it at Limbo's official site: It's available for PC, Mac, XBOX 360 and PS, and just recently on Linux.

You can also get it through for $9.99 or about PHP417.