Sunday, August 12, 2012

Free Games For You!

If you don't like the games I posted on the article "Best Freewares for your PC (3): Free Games", here's another batch of games that you may like, or may still not like. Anyways, please try these games:

  • Frets on Fire - If you like Guitar Hero, you may like this game, although this is simpler and is less feature-packed than the latter game. It's created by Unreal Voodoo, a Finnish video game developer. You only have to use the keyboard for the controls. Download it HERE.
Frets on Fire: during gameplay
Frets on Fire homescreen
  • SuperTuxKart - this arcade racing game is surely worth playing. It features the penguin Tux, which is Linux's mascot, along with other cute characters, such as Mozilla. The game has simple graphics, nice environments, and ,good and easy gameplay. Download it HERE.
That's all for now pipz. I'll keep adding as soon as I get some new and exciting games yet FREE! Thumbs up for people who keeps on making this games.