Sunday, September 23, 2012

Motorola hits Apple's map through ad

As we all know, Apple has removed Google Map on its list of apps for its latest iPhone 5, as they are making their own map app. And now it's out, lots of mobile manufacturers are criticizing Apple's map, first Nokia, now Motorola.

Here's how Nokia did it with Samsung Galaxy SIII and Apple iPhone 5:

Nokia Maps vs. Google Map and Apple Maps
In the comparison above, Nokia Maps is an obvious winner against the veteran Google Maps and the new Apple Maps.

And just recently, Motorola, which is owned by Google, attacked iPhone 5 through an ad, as shown below:

Motorola Droid RAZR M ad

As shown in the advertisement above, the new Apple Maps will get you lost compared to the satellite view of Google Maps. Of course, Google Maps is a veteran in this field, compared to the newbie Apple Maps, which to me looks like a half-completed map.

What do you think is the best map? Google Map? Nokia Map? Wlll it be a good move for Apple to return the Google Map for its new smartphone? You decide.

OFFTOPIC: Is mobile ad wars a trend today? Ever since Samsung attacked Apple's iPhone 5 through a picture and video ad, Nokia and Motorola followed suit. Looks like this is gonna be a wild competition between mobile empires!