Saturday, September 8, 2012

O+ USA joins Philippine mobile market

If you're fond of watching Eat Bulaga, then you certainly have seen a new phone brand that they're endorsing, the O+. Honestly, I just saw this brand a day ago while I was surfing the other local tech blogs and sites, and it really caught my attention.

O+ is an American technology company that is trying to penetrate the Asian mobile market. Here in the Philippines, it slowly gains attention and publicity, through the noontime show Eat Bulaga, and also because their phones are unique in a way, and very affordable.

One phone that caught my attention was a phone that does not need touch, instead you just have to wave your hand in front of it. It is called 6.3 WiFi, and it's very affordable, for only PHP 3,795! By the way, here's the commercial:

Here's an image of the phone:

Another phone that again caught my attention is a very affordable phone that is almost tied  with Lenovo A60+ in specs and price, although has a smaller screen of 3.2", is the O+ 8.7 Android. It's an Android phone powered by a 1 GHz processor with a price of PHP 4,995 only!

I have read lots of positive feedbacks from new O+ phone users. They also have a tablet, along with other affordable basic phones. They are available in a lot of electronic stores as well as through Lazada.

For more information about their products, visit the official O+ USA website HERE.
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If you are a O+ phone user, please feel free to share your experience by making a comment below.