Monday, September 17, 2012

Samsung hits Apple's iPhone 5 through SIII ad

After Apple has officially launched the much-awaited and anticipated iPhone 5, and also maybe because of those patent infringement cases filed against the South Korean conglomerate, which Apple had won, Samsung has posted through social networking site Facebook a Galaxy SIII advertisement directly hitting iPhone 5.

Samsung: It doesn't take a genius.

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 5:  Looks like an obvious win

The first picture shows Samsung's flagship phone Galaxy SIII beside the iPhone 5, obviously, with the tagline, "It doesn't take a genius", which probably refers to the people behind iPhone 5 (genius). Meanwhile, the next picture directly mentions iPhone 5 and presented there is a comparison of the two smartphones, listing all its special features. As you can see, the SIII has really outnumbered the iPhone 5.

Looks like  a head-to-head competition is coming between the two largest phonemakers. Who do you think will win? You decide.

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