Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alcatel Philippines to launch One Touch 993D

Looks like we are wrong about the teaser photo Alcatel Mobile Philippines posted on their Facebook account. There's no coming ICS update for your Alcatel Android phones for those who are expecting, but instead, they are releasing a new phone, the One Touch Insight 993D.

Alcatel One Touch Insight 993D (Source:
We have featured Alcatel One Touch 993 on this blog before (check it here: Basically, this phone is a lesser version of the One Touch 995 Sapphire HD, with a 1GHz processor, a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen, and a 5MP rear camera with LED flash plus VGA front camera. This phone is also dual-sim capable. Added to that, it is much bigger and heavier than OT-995. What sets it apart from the other released Alcatel Android phones here in the Philippines is that it runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box.

What I love with this phone is that it has a much better design compared to OT-995, although it's more bulkier. And of course it already runs on ICS compared to other Alcatel Android phones which are still waiting (or not) for an ICS update.

But it seems Alcatel will be left behind competition even with this new phone going to be released. One reason is that I think this model should have been released earlier, August to be exact, to battle with Lenovo P700, as it has the same specs, except that P700 has a much larger battery capacity of 2500mAh compared to OT-993's 1500 mAh capacity. And now Lenovo has released the twin, P700i, competition will surely be intense. Another thing is that there are lots of other locally branded phones such as MyPhone and Cherry Mobile with same specs and aggressively low prices.

Alcatel has not yet specified the price and date of release, but I think it should be less than 9K (although I doubt it) for it to be a hit. Alcatel One Touch Insight 993D is sure to have lots of potential and who knows, you may prefer this one over the other brands.

UPDATE: Price is PHP 9.990 (SRP)

More specs and details here: