Friday, December 21, 2012

App Spotlight: Waka Space

Developer: Wakajaka
Platform: iOS

There are lots and lots of apps out there portraying the space and the universe, and lots of them are somewhat scary. Mostly they are aliens wanting to invade humans and the likes. If you want to stay away from this and prefer simple games about space adventures that are simple yet creative, safe and fun, then Wakajaka has the right app for you.

Waka Space is a simple interactive game developed by Wakajaka for iOS, intended for the young and young at heart. In this game, you'll make spaceships made up of household appliances, junks and other things for your affordable space adventure, and travel to space. There you will encounter planets that become flowers, jellyfish and trains. All you have to do is collect coins to finish each levels.

a cool and affordable way to build your spaceship!
I tried the Waka Space Promo Demo for Windows, which runs the same way as in the actual app, and I find it so simplistic yet enjoyable. From creating the spaceship, launching it to space and bumping into planets that turn to flowers, everything is so cute! Even a little kid won't get confused in this game. Instead, he/she will surely love it. If you want to kill some time or if you want your kid to play something that will spark his imagination and creativity, then this game is just perfect.
planets that turn to flowers..:)
 Here's the press release by the way:


Wakajaka – launching kids into space!

Conquering space has always been a dream and aspiration from preschoolers to presidents. For people who never had the astronomical budget to make it happen, Waka Space offers a unique and economical way to realize your dream. Use anything from household appliances to stuff from the junkyard to create your rocket of choice.
Once launched into space, the experience that awaits is something traditional astronauts could only dream of. Planets that turn into flowers, trains and the occasional jellyfish.
Despite rumors spread by film-makers and scientists, space is extremely safe – actually we made it safer than any other place on earth.
Follow either download-link to sample Waka Space on Windows or Mac.
Greetings from space,
You can download Waka Space at Apple App Store at this LINK for $0.99. You can visit their website at Also, you can try their other two apps, the Waka Sleep Aid, which is perfect for those parents who find it hard to get their toddlers to sleep, and the Waka Fireworks, an app which brings you the fireworks experience without losing any fingers.