Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keep the web #freeandopen

Search engine giant Google still continues its advocacy for a #freeandopen internet for everyone by opening a petition site called Google Take Action which is open for anyone. In a recent Facebook post, Google said:

Starting today, the world’s governments meet behind closed doors on the future of the Internet. Some governments want to increase censorship and regulate the web.

Tell them to keep it #freeandopen by signing the petition: http://goo.gl/lyAoE
Google is pointing to 42 governments which are still filtering and censoring internet content. And also, starting today, these governments, through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), are having closed-door meetings to decide on these matters.

So to all netizens out there, let us join Google in empowering our right for freedom on the web. Let us join the petition to show these people that they don't have the right to take that freedom from us. Click this LINK or use the hashtag #freeandopen.