Sunday, February 17, 2013

EnviroPop: Saving our Sea Friends while having fun!

Name of App: EnviroPop
Platform: iOS
Developer: AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.

Want to help in saving our aquatic friends while having fun? Then why don't you try this new app called EnviroPop. It is a puzzle game developed by country-based AppLabs Digital Studios in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines that aims to educate people on the different hazards underwater creatures are facing.

The gameplay is simple. All you have to do is to tap and get rid of all hazardous waste (dynamite sticks, cyanide, trawl nets, oil drums, etc.)  on the grid in one minute. 

You'll also meet the cute and lovable cast and crew which includes: Chi Chi the Panda, Gary the Grouper, Bobby the Butanding, Dolly the Dolphin, Doogie the Dugong, Pattie the Pawikan and Clara the Clownfish.

Other exciting features include the:
  • Enviropedia, which list some facts about our endangered sea friends and the dangers they face everyday; 
  • Social Sharing, so that you can share your score to your friends on Facebook and Twitter; 
  • Help, your guide on the game; and the 
  • Accomplishments/Achievements, which shows how far you've done to save our sea friends.
I haven't tried the game because unfortunately I don't have the proper device but for me it looks promising, addictive, and..cute! A very simple yet fun game that everyone can play.

It's available now on iTunes. Just click the links below:
There are two versions avaiIable but I suggest you download the Full version so that you can enjoy the game fully and help save our endangered sea friends as well.(Proceeds from the paid version will go the WWF's marine conservation fund).

An Android version is coming also (I think) so don't worry.

Here's the promo video:

Please spread the word so that you can help save them. Spread awareness and protect God's creations!

Learn more through EnviroPop's official site here: