Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sony Mobile PH turns BIGAY-TODO Sale price permanent!

Good news everyone! Just last month, Sony Mobile had their Bigay-Todo Sale, slashing up to 7K to the prices of their Xperia smartphones. And what's much better than making this prices permament? Yes, you read it right! The Sale prices are now the new SRP's! Check out the list below for prices.

Unit - New Price (Original SRP)

Xperia tipo/tipo dual - PHP 5,990 (7,690/8,290)
Xperia miro - PHP 9,490 (9,990)
Xperia neo L - PHP 9.990 (11,490)
Xperia TX - PHP 25,490
Xperia V (LTE) - PHP 26,490
Xperia acro S - PHP 22,490 (28,990)
Xperia go - PHP 12,990 (14,490)
Xperia P - PHP 15,990 (22,990)
Xperia sola - PHP 11,990 (15,990)
Xperia U - PHP 10,990 (13,990)
Xperia SL - PHP 19,990
Xperia J - PHP 12,990

* * * * *
Sony Mobile, I believe, has done the right thing. With the stiff and aggressive competition in the local mobile industry, you really have to fight out with competitive prices. Naturally Xperia phones are a little expensive compared to local brands but this justifies Sony's craftmanship exemplified in every phones they release. All their phones have its own unique design aesthetic that will surely make them stand out in the crowd.

So what do you think guys? Are you buying one? Tell us by commenting below. Thank you!