Sunday, June 16, 2013

Torque i75 TV Review: Your full-touch featurephone for PHP 1,699

There's no denying that there is still a market for featurephones. Lots of people still prefer phones for text and calls only and those with lasting battery. 

And with the rise of smartphones, lots of phone manufacturers focused on this type of devices. However, some others didn't forget featurephones along with their smartphones.

So to give a new taste and innovation to the traditional form of featurephones, some manufacturers incorporated a smartphone feel in it, like a full touch screen, just like the Torque i75 TV, a new phone from a local mobile phone company, which we will review in a bit.

Package contents:
Torque i75 TV
usb charger
user manual
warranty card


The front of the i75 TV sports the 3.5" screen. Below it are the three physical buttons: menu, home and back. At the bottom is the brand label.

On the left side, there is the volume rocker.

There's nothing to see at the right side.

At the top is the USB port, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the antenna, which you can pull off and extend for a better reception on the mobile TV.

The back side has a glossy finish so fingerprint smudges would surely appear. The 3MP snapper with the flash, as well as the brand are the only things we can see here.

Overall, the physical design is ok, build is good and there's no creaking whatsoever, and the curves provide you a good grip.


The i75 TV packs a 3.5" HVGA screen. Surprisingly, the colors are crisp and clear, which you can't expect on a phone with this price, and that's good.

I also tried using it under direct sunlight and it still is clear and visible, but that's only when you are using the highest contrast settings.

The only problem is that it is a resistive screen, which needs force unlike a capacitive one. Sometimes it takes too long to respond to my presses but not to the point that it gets irritating.

Messaging and Call Quality

Messaging is as basic as it is. There's a T9 and a predictive text input. One problem may be is that the  screen may be too small for people with large fingers like me, so expect wrong presses.

Calls were ok and I didn't have any problems.

User Interface

So Torque really did a great job on putting a smartphone-like UI on a Java featurephone. There goes the familiar homescreens and lockscreens, widgets, and many more. Good thing is that it isn't laggy at all. The screen is just isn't responsive at all.


Unfortunately, taking photos and videos are not what the Torque i75 TV can do best. Photos are grainy and vague. The flash won't even make it better when taking night shots. But that's expected for a 3MP snapper.

Taking videos is not good as well. It was so shaky and a little blurry.

Apps and Games

The apps are also nice like the calculator, calendar, radio, and world clock. 

What's cooler is that there are also pre-installed games like the Fruit Ninja, Zombie (Plants vs. Zombie), Run, Catch The Rope. These are all Java games of course. You can add more games (320 x 480) and apps by downloading it online and placing it in your microSD card.

Audio Quality

So i tried using the earphones and I can say it's not so good. It even stopped working now. But that's expected on stock ones. So i suggest you buy another pair of decent earphones. ( I tried and the audio quality is good)

On the other hand, the loudspeaker wasn't good at all. I played a song through it and it sounded like I was waving my phone, or as if it was in front of an electric fan. (you know what I mean)

Internet Connectivity

So i had a problem configuring the internet settings for this phone but I'll update this post once I have fixed this problem.

Other features

One great extra is the mobile TV which lets you watch yur favorite free TV channels wherever you are. There's the antenna too for a greater reception. 

You just can't expect of course to get crystal clear reception.

Battery Life

The Torque i75 TV's battery capacity is at 1000 mAh.

For heavy use, it can last a day or so. If you're a moderate user, it would surely last for two days.


So there goes the Torque i75 TV, a super budget featurephone with a nice large touchscreen, Java apps, mobile TV, and dual-sim capability.

I would gladly recommend this for those who are not in to smartphones, or to those who just want to have a smartphone-like feature phone with a very affordable price.

large screen for a featurephone
smartphone-like UI
Java apps and games
Mobile TV so you can watch anywhere
long battery life
microSD support up to 32GB
very affordable price

resistive touchscreen means more force in pressing
poor loudspeaker performance

Torque i75 TV specs
3.5" HVGA resistive touchscreen
320 x 480 pixel resolution
widget-based UI
expandable up to 32GB with a micro SD card
3MP camera with flash
mobile TV
dual-sim, dual-standby
1000 mAh battery
PRICE: PHP 1,699