Saturday, June 25, 2016

Huawei Band B0 Review: Your Budget Smartwatch

So I've been irking to have a smartwatch for a long time already but what I've been seeing from major brands are way too expensive! But after some time of keeping myself updated to smartwatch trends, a leading Chinese telecommunications and smartphone company released a budget smartwatch last year. I'm talking about Huawei and their Band B0 (Honor Zero on other markets) which only costs P2,990! See my review after the specs and features.

Specs and Features 

Here are the official specs and features from Huawei:

Dimensions: Longer-strap size: 244.4 mm x 38 mm x 9.5 mm (9.6 in. x 1.5 in. x 0.4 in.). Shorter-strap size: 229.4 mm x 38 mm x 9.5 mm (9 in. x 1.5 in. x 0.4 in.)
Weight: about 25g
Color: black, white, cream
Memory: 128 KB RAM, 512 KB flash memory (microprocessor)
Compatible Devices:
Huawei: G7, G8, Mate 7, Mate S, Nexus 6P, P7, P8, P8lite, P8max, Y550
honor: honor 6, honor 6plus, honor 7, honor 7i, honor 4c, honor X2
iPhone: iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone6, iPhone6 plus, iPhone6s
Samsung: Galaxy Note3, Galaxy Note4, Galaxy s5, Galaxy s6, Galaxy s6 Edge, Galaxy s6 Edge+, Galaxy Note5
Others: Nexus 6, LG-G3, LG-G4, Sony Z3
Battery capacity: 70 mAh
Maximum working time: 3 days (dependent on actual conditions of use)
Maximum standby time: 14 days (dependent on actual conditions of use)
Bluetooth frequency: 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth range: 10 meters (in an open environment)
Maximum transmitter power: Wireless: –10 dBm, Wired: -2 dBm
Receiver sensitivity: Wireless: –80 dBm, Wired: –86 dBm
Waterproof class: 8
Dustproof class: 6
External port: POGO PIN USB port
Screen: OLED touch screen that supports swipes (in different directions), touches, and touch and hold. From the screen, you can: 
  • Switch between screens; Select dashboards
  • Turn off alarms
  • Start or stop recording individual fitness events
  • Restart
  • Reset
  • Mode
  • Fitness/Sleep
Button: One pinhole to:Power on or off Restart
Temperature: Operating: 0°C to +35°C, Storage: –20°C to +70°C
Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)


Less is More
Huawei Band is the perfect embodiment of minimalist aesthetics. The seamless steel rim and the circular design exude elegance. Its universally appealing style comes in three pleasing colors: black, white, and cream.

Your Personal 24-Hour Trainer
More than just a tech accessory, Huawei Band can help you monitor daily activities, automatically identify how you are working out, and provide real-time feedback when you need it most. Even while you sleep, the Huawei Band works to give you the insights and feedback.

Extraordinary Touch Experience
The scratch and break-resistant PMOLED touch screen delivers a full touch screen experience and is highly durable, making it a sturdy companion. A simple motion of your hand activates the 1.06-inch touch screen to give you timely feedback instantly.

Where You Go it Goes
Huawei Band is IP68 certified, which is the highest level of dustproof and water resistance certification available, offering total and complete protection. Whether you’re jogging in a drizzle, or taking a showerwashing your hands, it will always keep you companyit's here to stay.

Intelligent Reminders that Keep You in Touch
Huawei Band keeps you notified on the information that matter the most to you. Messages, incoming calls, reminders, and alarms can be viewed with a simple glance. Navigating the complexities of your fast-paced life is easier than ever with the Huawei Band. 


At first, I was hesitant to buy this as my phone is not listed on compatible devices (not sure if my argument is valid) but fortunately it paired without a problem. You have to install Huawei Wear as this is the Android app for this device. And after a bit of set-up at the store, it's now up and running!

A tip though if you're going to buy this watch: check first if you're phone is compatible with the Huawei Wear app, meaning you can install it on your phone and it should at least running on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat or later, or IOS 7.0+. If it does then it will work!

Packaging and contents

The Huawei Band B0 is placed on a nice transparent package. Contents include the watch of course, the pogo pin charger, an extra loop (in case the original loop breaks), and some manuals and documentations.

Design, Display, and Ease of use

The Huawei Band B0 is a nice looking smartwatch that doesn't feel too cheap, It looks simple yet elegant. You've got a circular watch face with a steel rim and a patternized rubber strap as well, and it's surprisingly light! The strap seems durable and sturdy enough.

A slight problem I've encountered with using this watch is the display. It's a bit unresponsive to my touch at first but once you got the ride of it, it will be easy. You can only do upward and downward touches on the screen though.

Also, the screen is less visible under direct sunlight.

I've been using this for two days already and I can say it works well! Check out the shots below:
The default watch face showing the time, date, battery status, and bluetooth connection status
Step Counter. My target is 10,000 steps! Your watch will vibrate and display fireworks once you've reached your target!
Calorie count. Shows how much calories you have burned.

Sleep counter. I have slept for only 5hr and 42m.

Settings. Touch this to customize your watch face, reset the watch, etc.

Running tracker. Haven't use this though.
Watch face menu under Settings. Below shots shows the watch faces you can choose from:


Charging is easy-peasy and all you have to do is place your watch above the pogo pin and connect the USB to a slot. The watch will then display the charging status. It takes about one and a half hour to charge an empty battery.

Huawei Wear app

The Huawei Wear app is fairly easy to use and navigate. You need this app to interpret data from your smartwatch, manage settings, update the software of your watch, etc.

Step counter

Sleep counter. It recorded a 22 min nap I had yesterday.
You can customize your watch to receive notifications from your phone like messages (SMS, Messenger, Facebook notifications, Viber, Hangouts,etc), calls, etc.

More details on your sleep
More details on your step counter
Below screenshot shows the menu where you can input/edit your personal info (name, birth date, weight, height), your fitness goal, etc.

You can choose from light to heavy exercise.

If you need assistance for your smartwatch, you can visit the Help menu:

You can also install the UP by Jawbone app from the Store... well as the MyFitnessPal app.

The video above shows how you can easily view the time, step counter, calorie counter, and sleep counter. Check it out!


Overall, my experience with this smartwatch is great! As a first time smartwatch user, the Huawei Band B0 does not disappoint: it looks simply good, it does what I expect it to do, and it's on my budget! Two thumbs up!

nice lightweight design
easy to use

screen less visible in direct sunlight